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Want to turn your next event into a giant game board? Invite BattleKasters to join the party. Using location-based technology and Bluetooth beacons, the BattleKasters team can turn any space into a digital scavenger hunt filled with mythical creatures and magic. From fan cons to comic book stores, BattleKasters has turned ordinary spaces into an extraordinary mobile gaming experiences.

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About BattleKasters

Immerse yourself, be a hero and close the stonefire! BattleKasters is a new mobile game that transforms events into live-action, spell-casting adventures in Orkney – a magical place filled with witches, spells and Norse gods. Your mission is to close the stonefire portal between earth and Orkney by unlocking hidden locations, collecting magic Wisdom cards and casting spells to thwart other players – and gain the favor of Odin! BattleKasters is being played exclusively at fan cons across the U.S.

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