BattleKasters is a part of a transmedia storytelling platform. The mobile game that allows you to cast spells, collect trading cards and go on quests is a part of an interactive experience that originates from a book series.

Legends of Orkney

BattleKasters is a game inspired by fantasy book series, Legends of Orkney. Author and literacy advocate Alane Adams wanted to find a way to get kids more interested in reading, so she joined forces with Artifact Technologies to create BattleKasters. The book and the game complement each other in a way that makes reading and playing more fun for young readers and adults alike. With magic, mythology and mystery abounding, the book series and game will cast a spell on you!


Book One: The Red Sun

Sam Baron is about to get the shock of his life. First his substitute English teacher claims to have turned his old teacher into a lizard; then a strange dwarf named Rego arrives and claims Sam is from a magical realm called Orkney.


Book Two:Kalifus Rising

Sam Baron just freed Orkney from the ravages of the Red Sun―but now, imprisoned by Catriona, leader of the Volgrim Witches, Sam finds the darker side of his half-god, half-witch heritage released, and he fears he might destroy what he saved.

Book Three: The Raven God

After defeating the Volgrim witches, life in Orkney is quiet. Too quiet. Before Sam Baron can catch his breath, an army of fire giants led by Surt gather in the Eighth Realm of Musspell, determined to destroy Orkney―and it’s all Sam’s fault.

About Alane Adams

Alane Adams is the author of the six-book Legends of Orkney series and founder of the Rise Up foundation, a literacy organization. She was inspired to create the book series as a way to get her youngest son more interested in reading, but as the story came to life, she was driven to get more kids involved. The idea of creating a game to complement the books was born and in partner with Artifact Technologies, BattleKasters was created.


Artifact Technologies

Artifact Technologies’ Mixby™ platform leverages the most advanced location-aware technologies available, including beacons and GPS, to enhance real-world experiences. Guests and customers enjoy a cutting-edge, interactive mobile experience that adds value to—versus detracting from­—the physical experience. Mixby’s intuitive control panel enables easy and nimble content editing and provides a broad range of coveted yet otherwise hard-to-gather audience analytics.

Artwork by Jonathan Stroh

To help bring the vivid setting and characters to life, artist Jonathan Stroh was brought into the fold to create animated and visually stunning representations of Legends of OrkneySee more of the artwork from the series.

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