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BattleKasters in the News

BattleKasters has been taking fan cons by storm and we are thrilled to see all the excitement drumming up around our release. If you haven’t heard yet, BattleKasters is a new mobile game inspired fantasy book series Legends of Orkney. The game turns live events into magical game boards where players have the chance to [...]

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Beaches, Bears, Books and BattleKasters

This summer, BattleKasters is coming to fan cons across the U.S. and our next stop is Comic-Con International: San Diego. That’s right, the mother of all cons! At Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo and Denver Comic Con hundreds of gamers, kids, book lovers and adults cast a spell and now, California will have its chance [...]

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5 Things You Need To Know About BattleKasters

If you are just now hearing about BattleKasters, you may be wondering what it all means. How does it tie into a YA book series? How do you play the game? What is the literacy tie in? Well keep reading and all will be explained! Game Based on a Book Series BattleKasters is a mobile [...]

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What People Are Saying About BattleKasters

BattleKasters may be a brand new game, but it already has people talking. After a test release at Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo and our official release at Denver Comic Con, hundreds of gamers and over a dozen media outlets have spoken. If you’re still getting to know the BattleKasters experience, hear about it from [...]

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